OTDefense Deluxe Firearm Stippling Kit Adds More Tips For More Options

    If you have priced out professional stippling like the job I reviewed from TXT Custom Gun Works you might be in sticker shock about the price. Don’t fool yourself though, there is a very real reason that they charge the amount of money that they do. OTDefense has been offering stippling kits for DIYers with a few options for tips. The new Deluxe Firearm Stippling kit adds even more options in a convenient package.

    If you are wondering where you have heard of OTDefense, they are the guys that have those cool, easy to use, round waffle tips in 20LPI, 16LPI and 12 LPI patterns.

    We have used the Firearm Stippling kit in a mod minute and was rather impressed by the quality of the wood burner as well as the precision machined tips. The only complaint that I had was the lack of options for the type of texture that I was going for. I was still able to get a very nice texture out of the project given it was my first time stippling but would have preferred a slightly different outcome.

    The new Deluxe Stippling Kit has several new tips that will allow a DIYer to get exactly the result that is desired (provided you aren’t too heavy handed with the melty part.)

    The Deluxe kit includes the following tips:

    • 25Watt Wall Lenk Woodburner with a short shaft for ease of control and a moderate temperature.
    • Hard Case for convenient storage that may also be practiced on.
    • One 20LPI Waffle Tip.
    • One 20LPI Square Tip.
    • One 20LPI Finish Tip.
    • One Point Tip.
    • One 16LPI Waffle Tip.
    • One 12LPI Waffle Tip.
    • One Diamond Tip
    • One X Tip
    • One Wagon Wheel Tip
    • One Chisel Tip
    • One Small Round Tip
    • One Large Round Tip
    • One Rectangle Tip
    • Two Large plastic vial to hold the tips.
    • Three small plastic vials for the 20LPI tips and Finish Tip.

    Before you balk at the price for the Deluxe kit, keep in mind that the tip collection offered by OTDefense runs $99.99 all by itself, another $12 for a nice case and a quality wood burner isn’t a half bad deal given the quality of the tips.

    Check out the OTDefense website to find where to pick one up if you are so inclined. The MSRP for the new Deluxe Kit is $111.99 while the standard kit is a bit cheaper at $64.99.