New Fabarm Scattergun

    L4S Sporting

    Italian gun maker Fabarm¬†announced that it was now selling a new 12 gauge shotgun called the L4S Sporting. The L4S Sporting is a semi automatic shotgun that is designed to “point and balance like a fine double gun with perfect balance and weight distribution.”

    To help achieve this balance, the company uses a short magazine (only four rounds) to reduce forward weight. To improve the feel of the pistol grip portion of the stock, the company uses a simple stock bolt instead of including an action spring in the stock that might require the stock to be cut in an awkward way.

    Fabarm designed the gun to only chamber 2 3/4″ shells, which allowed them to minimize the size of the action (as compared to a gun that will run 3 1/2″ shells) to further lighten the gun. Additional features of the gun as stated by Fabarm include a new fore end design that reduces wiggle and stresses to the wood. This helps improve the feel of the gun as well as reducing the likelihood of the wood cracking. The barrel to the receiver interface is said to be stronger than other designs.

    The barrel has a tapered bore and uses the Exis HP choke system. Barrel lengths of 28″ to 32″ are available. According to the company, all of the controls are extended “competition style” controls for easier use. The gas system is tuned for target loads. The gun can be had with an optional recoil reducer in the stock. Pricing starts at $1,850.

    Richard Johnson

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