MBX AR Basepad Extension and coupler for PMAG Gen 3

    Just after my review of the The XMag Coupler from Germany I discovered this solution from MBX Extreme which I think will be of interest.

    The system will add both capacity and the possibility to couple a Magpul PMAG to another. There is also a “wing” to lift your rifle if it’s laying flat, and make your pistol grip more accessible.

    The basepad itself is 39 USD and comes in black, blue and red.




    If you want to connect your magazines, there is a MBX AR Modular Coupling set.

    The set includes two MBX AR Basepad Extensions for PMAG (Gen 3) and one MBX Inter-Loc Block, which connects the two.

    This solution joins any PMAG Gen 3 together, from 10 to 40 rounds.

    You will also get added capacity for both your magazines: 3 Rounds for 20 PMAG, 4 Rounds for 30 PMAG and 5 Rounds for the 40 PMAG.

    The Inter-Loc Block itself is 27 USD.

    Note: You have to remove the factory plastic lip from the magazine spring, otherwise you will not get the added capacity (and perhaps not the function either).

    The installation requires no tools.


    As if this “LEGO-style system” was not enough, there’s an MBX Inter-loc Stabilizer Support Set.

    This adds support to your basepad extensions, but I think the main advantage may be if you have a stage where your rifle is supposed to lay flat on the table. If the “wing” if the stabilizer lifts the rifle and makes your pistol grip easier to reach, well then you might have gained a few tenths of a second over your competitors.

    MBX Inter-loc stabilizers support set gives support to a single or double magazine configuration allowing for an extremely stable monopod platform for the ultimate performance. Also, allowing for staging of a rifle with muzzle up or down while having a single magazine inserted.

    Below: “MBX extreme CEO Adrian Cobb goes over the form, function, and unique design aspects of the “New” MBX Inter-Loc AR System.


    You can find more details and prices at the MBX Extreme homepage.

    Eric B

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