G2 Research Develops Shotgun Slugs

    G2 Research has shown on their social media pages several pictures of a new 12 gauge slug that they are developing. This slug is designed for smoothbore shotguns only with cylinder bore or cylinder choke installed. Looks like they’ve incorporated some of their key¬†design features into the slug. Namely the breaking paddles and remaining solid base like in R.I.P. series of bullets.

    Images by G2 Research

    With the large hollow point cavity, it should have its center of gravity shifted towards the rear portion. Most traditional smoothbore slugs stabilize their flight due to a heavy nose and light tail (either hollow or plastic). They work like a shuttlecock, flying with the heavy nose forward. Some people say the Foster or rifled slugs use the shallow outside rifling pattern to gain rotation, but it is arguable. Anyway, looking at the G2 Research slug I assume it is stabilized because of that outside spiral grooves. They are much deeper and probably give the slug a rotational motion thus stabilizing it in the air.

    Whether it is designed for defensive or hunting use is not stated by the company. I think it should be good for both roles.

    Reportedly, it will be available in the fall 2017 and there is no information concerning the price yet.

    Hrachya H

    Managing Editor

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