Active Self Protection Tip – Don’t Futz With Your Gun

    There are a variety of phrases that are often tossed around with alarming regularity and ignored perhaps almost as often:

    • The rule of Stupid:
      • Don’t Go to Stupid Places,
      • At Stupid Times,
      • With Stupid People,
      • Doing Stupid Things
    • Stupid is as Stupid Does

    I’m sure we all get a chuckle on them, remembering fondly that one time at University the rules were broken and one got away with it.

    All too often, there are major consequences of stupidity. The latest example comes courtesy of the excellent YouTube channel Active Self Protection with their instructor and self-defense guru – John. The video shows a security guard playing with his gun and stupid being what it does, manages to shoot himself in the leg.

    If it weren’t for the major injury, the video is almost cartoonishly funny. How could one actually be that stupid?

    Instead, it should serve as a lesson for us all to always follow the firearms safety rules, especially when by yourself. Even if the guard decided to play with the firearm, even following just one rule like “Do not point a weapon at anything you do not intend to destroy” would have kept the guard from being injured. Instead, he seriously injured himself and risked his life via the femoral artery.


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