Suppressed SBR 5.56 Comprehensive Ammo Velocity Test

    Where companies and agencies collect this data for a living, few of them will ever share it. Often, especially in the case of companies, the testing is a huge expense and as part of that includes company performance secrets. For agencies, various political considerations exist.

    Fortunately for us at home without the time or resources, there are entrepreneurial fellows like Eagle_19er from who has completed and published a comprehensive run-down of various bullets through suppressed short barrel rifle AR-15s.

    Barrels used include:

    • 10.5″ Noveske SwitchBlock with SilencerCo Omega suppressor
    • 11.5″ Faxon “Big Gunner” (Mid Gas) with SilencerCo Omega suppressor.
    • 12.5″ BCM Standard (Carbine gas) with SilencerCo Omega suppressor.
    • 14.5″ BCH BFH “Barrel – Hammer Forged” (Mid Gas) with SilencerCo Omega suppressor.

    Ammo Includes:

    • Speed Gold Dot 55 Grain Bonded
    • Speer Gold Dot 64 Grain Bonded
    • Speed God Dot 75 Grain Bonded
    • Barnes 55 Grain TSX-FB
    • Barnes 62 Grain TSX-BT
    • Barnes 70 Grain TSX-BT
    • Federal Fusion MSR 62 Grain Bonded
    • Black Hills 77 Grain Sierra TMK
    • Black Hills 77 Grain OTM
    • Australian Outback 55 Grain Blitzking
    • Australian Outback 69 Grain Matchking
    • Federal 69 Grain Matchking
    • Remington 55 Grain PSP
    • Fiocchi 55 Grain Soft Point
    • PPU 75 Grain HBPT Match
    • Hornady Black 75 Grain BTHP
    • IMI 77 Grain OEM LR Mod 1
    • IMI M193
    • PPU M193
    • PMG XTAC XP193
    • Winchester 5.56 55 Grain FMJ (Q3131)
    • Federal XM193
    • Federal .223 FMJ 55 Grain (AE223J)
    • PMC Bronze 55 Grain
    • Wolf Gold 55 Grain
    • MEN M193
    • Norma Tac 223 55 Grain
    • Wolf Polyformance 55 Grain (Steel Cased)
    • Hornady Steel (Steel Cased)
    • Silver Bear 62 Grain SP (Steel Cased)
    • Tula 75 Grain HP (Steel Cased)

    Full detailed charts of the velocity, extreme spread, SD, and the actual shot string numbers are published for each barrel length at the post over at


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