POTD: Ported Barrel Destroys Glock

    Ever wonder what happens when you put a ported barrel into a gun that isn’s set up to use a ported barrel? I think we all have a reasonably good idea what to expect, but if you want to see the aftermath, Instagrammer gun_track_mind has your back.

    Before we get too judgmental, it wouldn’t be hard to put the wrong barrel into a non-ported Glock if you were cleaning a ported one at the same time or had replaced the barrel with a threaded one and decided to move it to another gun. There are a ton of ways that this oops could happen to even the best of us.

    If you have ever seen a picture of an AR-15 that someone had installed a brake under a handguard, that is basically what happened here. When the shooter who was coincidentally wearing a shirt that says I void warranties pulled the trigger, the gasses that would normally be diverted harmlessly through some cuts in the slide were met with nowhere to go except for through the dust cover.

    Thankfully replacing a Glock frame isn’t terribly expensive and can be accomplished through Glock. I guess he will double check to make sure the right barrel is installed next time.