FAMAS to H&K 416F Morph

    You all know the story about the French Army switching the FAMAS to the Heckler & Koch 416F by now.

    The first HKs have recently been delivered, and the changing process will continue for several years.

    It takes time to produce almost 100 000 rifles, and the Heckler & Koch factory is already filled with orders from other countries.

    Someone, I think it was actually the French Army themselves or their marketing company, did a morph to display the change from the FAMAS to the new HK 416F.

    It’s pretty cool how the FAMAS pistol grip transforms into a magazine, and the HK 416F magazine does the opposite. The trigger changes position as by magic.

    Morphing a conventional rifle like the HK416 into a bullpup must be rather challenging, but the gif file works really well. You could say that the only thing they share is the caliber.



    HK416F with HK grenade launcher attached. The model is HK269F (40 x 46 mm) grenade launcher.

    And bayonet. Probably works for cutting Brie cheese and bread too.

    Bipodded HK416F.

    According to WikiPedia: “The HK416F replaces the flip-up front sight with a specialized bayonet lug, has a rounded trigger guard reminiscent of the Patriot-Ordnance Factory P416 and uses a custom barrel muzzle to attach and fire rifle grenades.”

    It will be interesting to see the HK416F fitted with some sensible optics. So far I have only seen it with an EOTech red dot, which seems to be the choice of the Special Forces.

    It is said that the French Army will re-use the nationally made Scrome J4 optic, which is a 4× magnification scope, but I haven’t seen any pictures of this configuration yet.




    Meanwhile…there are reports from France saying that the FAMAS rifles are having a hard time accepting their replacement. We received this top secret picture of a FAMAS trying to mate another FAMAS in an attempt to propagate. Apparently the the only remedy is to sterelize the FAMAS by removing the firing pin!

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