Mossberg Offers FLEX Retrofit Kits

    Mossberg conversion kit

    O. F. Mossberg & Sons announced a line of retrofit kits to upgrade existing shotguns to use the company’s FLEX technology. FLEX is a modular shotgun and accessory system that was introduced by the company several years ago at the SHOT Show. It would seem that the system has grown in popularity to the point that retrofit kits are now being introduced.

    The new retrofit kits will be available for Mossberg 500 series shotguns and the Maverick 88 series of shotguns. The kits will be available to work with both 12 gauge and 20 gauge models.

    The first kit will include adaptors for both the stock and fore end of a 500/88 shotgun. This kit lists for $80 and allows you to add whatever FLEX stock or fore end you want to use.

    The second kit is a stock adaptor that includes a FLEX pistol grip. The kit does not include a fore end adaptor. It retails for $70.

    The last of the three kits is a FLEX stock adaptor only. It does not include any kind of stock or fore end. This kit sells for $50.

    The FLEX system allows you to quickly swap parts on your shotgun without the use of tools. In theory, you could swap your hunting gun’s stock and standard fore end to an adjustable length stock with pistol grip and a fore end with a tri rail in just a matter of minutes. Barrel swaps have always been pretty easy on Mossberg shotguns, so you could also take a 26″ long barrel off and replace it with an 18.5″ at the same time.

    Or, like me, you could just buy an additional shotgun.

    Richard Johnson

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