IV8888 Blasts into Freedom Weekend with Cannon vs. Humvee Window – Results

    While IEDs were a huge threat and continue to still be a large one, the rate at which the United States recognized the problem and pressed into the “up-armored” kits is a logistical triumph. The common thin-skinned Humvee went from light all-terrain utility vehicles to turtles right-quick.

    The hardest part of armoring a are two-fold: joins/seams and the windows. Where metals and ceramic can be arranged to easily avoid loss of coverage, windows are far more difficult. They have defined areas they have to be. Combined with the weight requirement of the windows for the clear materials, it is a technical challenge.

    Fortunately for our entertainment, IV8888 is going to put the armor to the test – not against modern threats such as fragmentation. Nay Nay, they are going to throw over a pound of lead fueled by good ol’ black powder at the armored screen?

    Would our Soldiers, Airmen, Seamen, and Marines survive the direct onslaught?

    Nope. The passengers of the fully up-armored humvees would have had a bad day. Even worse, the armored glass caused the solid projectile to fragment mightily, which put some rather grevious wounds into the local watermelons.

    Takeaway? Don’t charge an old cannon with an up-armored humvee. Assuming the cannon crew can actually aim it effectively, you may lose.


    Nathan S

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