Art At Arms – Custom Laser Engraving & Texturing

    While I will certainly complain about the, in my opinion, vast market of overdone Glocks, I am however a fan of the technical machining and treatments that go one behind the scenes to create the functional works of art. Modern multi-axis CNC equipment works wonders in metal, but lacks a certain definition for extreme small detail due to the requirement of a rotating tool. The same complaint can often be rendered for polymer products, which require said CNC machines to create their molds.

    Art At Arms has certainly found a nice providing the level of detail. By using modern high-watt lasers, the company has been able to create a niche for itself engraving in custom logos, graphics, and textures by burning away the material instead of machining it.

    Art At Arms has applied this to a variety of products including handgun slides, frames, polymer accessories, magazines, etc. Basically, if you can create the graphic digitally, Art At Arms is capable of engraving it on your chosen material. Perhaps the most beautiful is some custom engraving completed on brass for a Gallensons bicentennial event.

    For those curious to laser engrave their slide, texture their handgun frame, or do custom work, check out Art At Arms and their Instagram page. You will be in good company, as it seems S3F and Agency Arms use the company for work too.


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