Topstraps Rimfire Match Won With A 2×4

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

My friend Tom often says “It isnt about the arrow. It is the Indian that makes the difference”. Here is a photo of Chris Kirkpatrick. No, he is not the guy from NSYNC. Chris won the Topstraps Long Range Rimfire Challenge with a 2×4. Ok it is actually a Winchester 52C strapped to a 2×4 with what looks like a finely tuned system of barrel blocks and duct tape. I have been told Chris used half of a Powerade bottle for a cheek rest. This gun has a name, she is dubbed “Ugly Betty”. Chris has won consecutively in May and June of this year with Ugly Betty.

Oh and yes that is Wolf Performance Ammo you see in the photo above. They like to set limits on how much money you can spend on ammo to keep it challenging.

Here is a video showing what the course entailed back in April.

Did you watch the whole thing? The axe head bullet split is tough. But a toothpick? Wow that sounds tough.

Here is something similar. A guy duct taped a Savage to a 2×4 and hit steel at 1000 yards.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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