Paypal, Stripe and Square Sued by Firearms and Ammunition Store


    Blair Gladwin owns Gladwin Guns and Ammo in Merced, California. He claims that Paypal, Stripe and Square online payment processing companies are violating the California law known as the Unruh Civil Rights Act and Gladwin has filed three class action lawsuits, one against each of the businesses.

    If you are in the business or even the hobby of selling guns and ammo you are probably very aware of the fact that many traditional financial enterprises such as credit card processors and banking institutions do not want to do business with firearms, ammunition, and accessory manufacturers and retailers. The largest online payment processors, PayPal, Stripe and Square are explicit that they do not want to transfer money or process payments related to weapons and ammunition. These terms of service have resulted in the almost ubiquitous “discreet PayPal payment” seen in online advertisements for guns and gun stuff in private party transactions.

    Gladwin and his lawyer, William McGrane claim that the practice of compelling a merchant to reveal the nature of their business and the subsequent refusal of that merchants business are illegal under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, specifically  Sections 51, 52(a) and 52(c).

    McGrane PC is a boutique litigation law firm is located in San Francisco, California. You can learn more about the ongoing lawsuits on the Gladwin Guns and Ammo Facebook page.

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