The New Drakon from DoubleStar

    DSK100 Drakon

    The DoubleStar Corp may be best known for building guns, but the company is also involved in the knife business. One of its latest offerings is the Drakon Blade.

    The Drakon Blade is a fixed blade design that is the brainchild of Robert Cabrera. Cabrera is a weapon designer and martial arts practitioner, two areas he likely drew on in the design process for this knife. The Drakon Blade is part of the company’s Hydra Edged Weapons Line. Cabrera is also the director of the Edged Weapons Division at DoubleStar Corp.

    DoubleStar uses a scalloped blade with beveled edges. According to the company, this allows the Drakon Blade to cut through heavy textiles with little effort. The Drakon Blade has a finger loop that is designed to increase the ability of the wielder to control the blade while cutting.

    Video below NSFW:

    The blade is 8.25″ long with a width of 1.625″. It has a Dragon Hyde coating on the blade for increased durability and corrosion resistance. The Drakon Blade comes with a sheath made of Kydex.

    These new knives are made in the United States and carry a suggested retail price of $177.21. The Drakon Blade is one of five new edged weapons introduced by DoubleStar this year. Other weapons include knives, an axe and machete style weapon that has a passing resemblance to a khukuri knife.

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