Brownells Visits Volquartsen – Uncovers Stainless Scorpion

    Dispite my absolute disdain for social media for anything, umm, social, it is currently the best way to keep up with some of the best minds and and leaders of innovation within the firearms industry. So when I saw that my friends at Brownells visited rimfire master Scott Volquartsen and crew and got a sneak peak at a yet to be released stainless Scorpion pistol, I thought it was worthwhile to share with our readers here at TFB.

    Why add a stainless steel version of the match grade Al Scorpion? I asked the same question. Apparently many shooters prefer the feel of a heavier weight pistol over the aluminum version. Also, some owners wanted a fully stainless gun rather than an hard anodized frame upper. Either way, functionality and accuracy will remain the same for both versions.

    The stainless Scorpion will be ready to ship in about three months and will have an MSRP of $1800.

    Stainless Scorpion Configuration:


    • Compensator
    • Hard Chrome
    • 4.5 inches
    • Hi-Viz Front and Target Rear
    • Black Accessory Rail
    • Hard Chrome Stainless


    • Hogue Grips
    • Black
    • MKIII Style
    • Hard Chrome


    • 2lb 14oz
    • Product Number: VC3SS‑4‑C‑HC‑HVT‑H

    Thanks to Brownells for sharing their behind- the scene pics from Volquartsen. They traveled together with brand ambassadors “thejeepcalledyeti” and “thewildyolo” to look at arguably some of the best rimfire offerings available.


    Stainless Scorpion




    Volquartsen at Brownells


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