Swedish Armed Forces looking for a new Red Dot

    FMV in Sweden just closed the doors for a tender for over 5 000 red dots and mounts. It will be interesting to see what they chose, but my money is on an Aimpoint (Made in Sweden) of some kind. Probably the Aimpoint Micro T-2, but without reading the detailed requirements it’s hard to know.

    FMV’s main assignment from the Government is to deliver materiel and services to the Swedish Armed Forces. For instance they do procurement and commercial support, as well as technical evaluations.

    The last day to reply was 2017-06-21, just before midsummer eve.

    Below: Screen shot from the Swedish FMV e-Procurement system: “Red dot sight systems for two weapon systems HMG/AR


    We can see that there is a need for 350 pcs of red dot sight – with mount – for a heavy machine gun in .50 BMG (12,7 mm), with a MOLLE pouch carrying system as well as a hard case for the two. A case for the case, so to speak.

    There is also a need for a red dot sight, for the Ak5C and Ak5D assault rifle used by the Swedish Army. They need 5000 pcs.

    Maximum length: 90 mm, Width: 50 mm and height 60 mm.

    Total weight should not exceed 230 g including sight mount, lens covers and battery when mounted to the rail.

    For instance, the Aimpoint CompM4 is too heavy and too large for this, which gives you an idea of how much red dot you can get in a small package nowadays.



    The Dual Position Accessory Mount from Spuhr could be a nice addition to any .50 BMG machine gun with an Aimpoint MPS. You can easily switch from 1x to the 3x or 6x magnifiers.

    In case you’ve never seen the Aimpoint MPS – they are rare – it’s a massive red dot sight for heavy machine guns and similar guns. Very nice if you’re on a boat or a tank, as long as you don’t have to carry it.

    The general idea is that the device can be used in both positions. Our device can with a camera take overview photos when mounted on top of the spotting scope or it can be folded down to take detailed photos through the scope. With a magnifier, it can be used as an observation device on top of the sight, and it can be folded down to provide magnification through the sight.
    The mount itself consists of very few parts and can be mounted on either the top of a picatinny rail or on the side of the main optic. It could also be delivered with customer made mounts suitable for their optics and needs. As shown below it could for example be used together with the Aimpoint MPS.

    To my knowledge, but I’m not sure, the current Ak5 Cs & Ds have the Aimpoint CS Red Dot Sight.

    All Aimpoint red dots come parallax-free and with unlimited eye relief and the battery life is measured in years.

    Aimpoint Micro T-2

    The Aimpoint Micro T-2 makes a pretty good match, with the information I got from the screen shots above. Possibly the Trijicon MRO as well.

    The T-2 is already used by the Swedish SWAT and NI units, as well as SOG. TFB has reported about this several times before, like here and here.

    Aimpoint Micro T-2 Physical Specifications
    Length sight only: 68 mm (2 5/8″)
    Length conf: 79 mm (3 1/16″)
    Width: 41 mm (1 9/16″)
    Height sight only: 36 mm (1 3/8″)
    Height conf: 47 mm (1 13/16″)
    Weight sight only (incl battery): 94 g, (3,3 oz)
    Weight conf: 130 g (4,6 oz) incl. Lens Covers and Mount
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