Cheap Level IV Plates – And No, They’re Not Made of Steel

    RMA Armament Level IV

    RMA Armament announced the company is now selling Level IV plates for $115 each. These plates are NIJ 0101.06 certified and they are not made of steel. Rather, these plates are made of monolithic ceramic and polyethylene. This reduces the concerns about spalling that metal plate manufacturers try to control with the application of coatings.

    Of course, this price level suggests RMA Armament is using older design materials and technologies that have seen dramatic price reductions in recent years. That means the plates are thicker and heavier than some of the cutting edge designs. In fact, these single curve, 10″x12″ plates weigh in at 8.3 pounds each and are 1″ thick. However, the materials are proven to work and you can get a pair for less than $250.

    This model (the 1155) is made in the USA (Iowa to be specific), is water resistant and is backed by a 10 year warranty. As a result of the NIJ testing, the company is able to state that these plates will handle multiple hits from 30.06 M2AP rounds.

    If you are looking for something thinner and lighter, the company also offers the model 1199. These plates are just 4.4 pounds each and are also NIJ 0101.06 certified. However, they are more expensive at $399 each. However, based on plated I’ve priced in the past, that is still a pretty reasonable number.

    Richard Johnson

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