Remington’s Custom Shop Takes a Stab at the “Ultimate, Ultra-Light Mountain Hunting Rifle”

    Ultimate Sheep Rifle

    A very niche group of hunters who pursue elk, mountain goat, and sheep have always been eluded by one thing that cannot be paired with potatoes on a dinner plate. The founder of KUIU, Jason Hairston, likes to call it the “ultimate, ultra-light mountain hunting rifle.” It is no surprise the man with the mantra of ultra-light hunting requested the creation of an ultra-light rifle.┬áTo achieve this objective, he teamed up with the Remington Custom Shop and helped father the Ultimate Sheep Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor.

    Remington proudly expands upon the idea and its creation within the Custom Shop:

    Through an unprecedented collaboration of some of the hunting industry’s foremost brands, we’re proud to offer the Ultimate Sheep Rifle. Combining the finest components available, this is the embodiment of KUIU founder Jason Hairston’s vision of the perfect lightweight backcountry rifle, brought to life by the expert gunsmiths at the Remington Custom Shop. Weighing a mere 5.6 pounds, the Ultimate Sheep Rifle is built to withstand the unforgiving conditions and terrain typical of mountain hunting, with a titanium action and carbon-fiber wrapped barrel and premium carbon-fiber stock to ensure unfailing performance and accuracy in any situation. The original build is in 6.5 Creedmoor, however, our Custom Shop can chamber the rifle in any short action caliber in the Titanium action or any short-action magnum caliber at all if stainless is used instead adding mere ounces. For a limited time, the Remington Custom Shop will offer this rifle with specialized consecutive serial numbers (KUIU00005 to KUIU00100).

    Ultimate Sheep RifleIf you visit the Remington blog you can watch a video of the selection process of the components of the Ultimate Sheep Rifle.

    As stated by Remington, this rifle utilizes a Remington 700 Titanium Short Action. It also has installed a Timney 510 trigger. The rifle has an overall length of 41″ making it fairly compact. The firing pin, bolt shroud and magazine floorplate all were made from aluminum to purposefully reduce the weight.

    The barrel used is a Proof Research Premium Cut Rifled and Carbon Fiber Wrapped. More details on the barrel are:

    • 20″ Light Sendero Contour
    • Threaded 5/8″ x 24 TPI Right-Hand w/ Custom Muzzle Break
    • Thread Protector Included
    • Custom KUIU Engraving
    • Barreled Action – Custom Cerakoted in Titanium Color

    The stock used is a Manners Custom Carbon Fiber EH-8 model. Further specs are as such:

    • Custom Cerakoted in KUIU Vias pattern by Scalpel Arms
    • Aluminum Bedding Pillars
    • Custom Bedded w/ MarineTex
    • Custom Aluminum Bi-Pod Rail by Long Rifles Inc.

    Ultimate Sheep RifleThe bolt is spiral fluted and has its own laundry list of technical specifications as well:

    • Mini Bolt Knob (Badger) w/ KUIU Engraving
    • Triple Pinned & Timed
    • Extractor M-16 Style (Badger Ordnance)
    • Custom Duel Ejectors

    With such an elaborate and hand-picked build, this rifle should be fairly spendy, right? Well, the Ultimate Sheep Rifle has an MSRP to the tune of $5,895.

    There are obvious competitors to Remington’s Ultimate Sheep Rifle like the Kimber Mountain Ascent rifle which weighs in at 4 Lbs 13 Oz. The Kimber is not only lighter, but it only retails for $2,040 making it almost $4,000 cheaper.

    We will leave it up to you in the comments as to whether the quality of the Remington Ultimate Sheep Rifle is worth $5,895 or if another manufacturer already possesses the “Ultimate Sheep Rifle” in their line-up.

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