POTD: Accuracy International at World Shoot Russia 2017

    The largest, and most prestigious, division in IPSC Practical Rifle Shooting is Semi-Auto Open.

    But there are other divisions as well, like Manual Standard, where you use a bolt-action (or pump for that matter) rifle without a scope. You can’t use a bipod either. Your targets are from about 10 to 300 meters, with A, C and D scoring zones.

    Instead of two shots per paper target in semi-auto, only one hit per target counts in manual action.

    I was impressed to find a shooter with an Accuracy International Arctic Warfare rifle on one of the stages. He’s not making things easy for himself, but I bet he has as much fun as everyone else.

    The long courses may be a bit of a bore with the reloading he has to do.

    I managed to get a few detailed photos of the AI in the safety zone.

    Why use a scope when you can use irons? Why shoot minor when you can shoot major power factor?

    There was a competitor with an Lee-Einfeld as well. Bolt-action at its best.


    This guy looked like he had a lot of fun too. Better not touch the ammunition in the safety!