New P Series Micro Block Piston System from Adams Arms

    Adams Arms

    Adams Arms announced the company is now selling its new P Series Micro Block piston systems for AR style rifles and pistols. These kits are designed to replace the typical direct impingement system common to the AR platform with a short stroke piston.

    Adams Arms has been selling piston kits and rifles for a while now, so this is not its first offering. That means the company has a fair amount of experience with these kinds of systems. Here are a few of the features associated with the new kits.

    The kits use a P Series Micro Block to siphon gasses from the barrel. The block is 40% lighter than the previous XLP block. The block direct gasses toward the drive rod which in turns operates the patented one piece bolt carrier.

    According to the company, the parts have a LifeCoat finish that is corrosive resistant. All of the parts are backed by a lifetime warranty and are made in the United States.

    The block can be purchased alone for $138.59. However, I suspect most people will buy the block as part of a full kit. Adams Arms offers kits in four different lengths: rifle, mid, carbine and pistol. All of the sizes are sold for the same price: $274.99.

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