POTD: Rare carbines

    Todays Photo Of The Day includes some rare carbines. From the most modern to old-school.

    From top to bottom we have:

    Swiss B&T APC-9 in 9×19 mm, with collapsible stock and Aimpoint H-2 in a Spuhr mount. This is the most modern design.

    Turkish MKE T-94 “MP5”, with – and without – Aimpoint. The muzzle brake is made by the owner. This design is over 50 years old.

    Swedish Carl Gustav m/45, called “Kulsprutepistol m/45 (Kpist m/45)”, in 9×19mm. This one is fully automatic. It was designed in 1944 and was used (for instance) by the Swedish Army and National Guard until 2007.

    At the lower end, we find a Thompson Submachine Gun, Caliber .45 ACP,

    This is a real Chicago typewriter, Modell M1928, made in 1942. Semi-auto only, but comes with a drum magazine as well.  A word of advice is to avoid gripping anywhere near the barrel once you have emptied a magazine, don’t ask me how I know.

    Which one is your favorite? Are you a modern guy or would you rather go for classical?

    I bet everyone will go for the fully automatic M/45…