Franklin Armory’s DFM Approved for California Compliant ARs

    The latest regulations are certainly putting the squeeze on California firearms owners. With the new laws requiring nearly wholesale updating to one’s firearms collection (or, you know, registration), owners have been in a bit of a lurch on options. Almost all options come at a significant cost, normally around $50 and require some modification to the weapon.

    Fortunately for those who are in California, Franklin Armory has a lower-cost drop-in solution, the DFM. Otherwise known as the Drop-In Fixed Magazine, the magazine is now formally approved for use in California ARs. Basically, the magazine drops in from the top of the action, instead of being inserted from the bottom.

    This change in feeding is critical, as it then makes the weapon a “fixed” magazine according to California state law. The action has to be “disassembled” for the magazine to be inserted or removed. Coupled with products like the MA-Loader previously covered, one can have a compliant weapon and still reload at a reasonably quick pace.

    To easily remove the magazine, one does have to replace the bolt catch or remove the magazine follower protrusion. OEM weapons sold will include the protrusion installed after the magazine to ensure compliance with the state laws.

    DFM magazines can be purchased for about $25 through Franklin Armory and their dealer network.


    Features, according to Franklin Armory:

    •  Easily Converts Any AR into a 10 Round, Fixed Magazine Design.
    •  Requires Disassembly of the Action to Remove the Magazine.
    •  No Permanent Alterations Required
    • Suitable for use with Rifles Featuring Banned Features. California Compliant!
    • Connecticut Compliant!
    • New York Safe Act Compliant!
    • Limiting Tabs Prevent Release Through the Bottom of Magazine Well.
    • Can only be Removed from the Top when the Upper is Tilted out of the way!
    • Available as an Accessory or Installed in Brand New Franklin ArmoryTM Firearms.

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