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Hrachya H
by Hrachya H

At the end of May, there was an event held in Russia called “Day of Advanced Technologies of Law Enforcement Authorities”. It is officially described as a scientific and technical forum and normally the entry is restricted to law-enforcement officials. During this forum/fair, many Russian companies introduce some of their newest weapon designs as well as those still in development. Usually, it is hard to get information from that event, but some information and images leaked and appeared in Russian gun forums and other online resources.

TsKIB SOO is one of the Russian companies known for their novel and unusual firearm designs. And it’s been a long time since anything new was introduced by this company. That silence meant either the company had troubles or they were going to introduce a bunch of new guns at the same time. Fortunately for us – firearms enthusiasts, the second assumption was correct. So TsKIB SOO introduced at least 7 new firearms during the mentioned law enforcement event. Let’s take a look at each of them (in no particular order).


This rifle is another bullpup conversion of the SVD rifle. Earlier, there was a well-known conversion of SVD into a bullpup – the SVU rifle (OTs-03). It was also developed by TsKIB SOO in the ’70s and even had a version capable of full-auto fire (SVU-A).

The new OTs-03M is the result of further development of that concept and basically, represents the modernized version of SVU. What makes it different from SVU is a shorter barrel and intention to be used with a suppressor. Тhe rifle has а long railed top protrusion of the receiver coming on top of the suppressor. That layout makes me think that it is designed specifically to be deployed in conjunction with а suppressor. The suppressor is reportedly an integral one, which proves that theory too. Note that there is also a muzzle brake mounted on the suppressor.


The company also develops a civilian version of the new bullpup SVD which will have OTs-130 model designation.


This is a new semi-auto rifle. It is designed for military and law enforcement precision shooting applications. Although the stock has a rather minimalistic look it features a cheek pad height and length of pull adjustability. The shiny look of the rifle is probably due to unfinished aluminum indicating that it is still in development. The rifle also has a number of Picatinny rails and is shown with a suppressor, too.


This rifle is a redesigned version of TsKIB SOO’s MTs-116 bolt action rifle. It features a railed chassis with a couple of unusual features. First, the bolt handle is located far behind, underneath the stock. Both location and position of the handle raise more questions than give answers. The pistol grip of this rifle is also something that immediately jumps out. It just has a very unusual shape. Note that all these new firearms designed for the LE market, are equipped with suppressors.


This one is a competition rifle for F-class Open shooting. It is chambered in .300 Lapua Magnum.


Earlier we published an article on TFB about the development of this pistol. Back then, there was only a computer mockup available. Now, a prototype is ready which was also shown during that event. The most interesting portion of the computer version was the unusually shaped suppressor. Unfortunately, they didn’t show it yet. This handgun also has what looks to be unfinished frame and the reason is probably the same – it is still in development. As many of our readers noted in our first article, it is pretty reminiscent of H&K USP series of pistols.

This handgun is also chambered in .45ACP which is a rather unusual caliber (not too popular) for Russia. The only reason I can think of why they chambered it in .45 ACP is that it is also a design intended to be used with the suppressor. So they probably chose the caliber to benefit from the off-the-shelf availability of subsonic .45 ACP ammunition.


TsKIB SOO is also developing a civilian version of the PP-2000 submachine gun. It will have a 10 round magazine, will be semi-auto only and will have a longer barrel to meet the hunting carbine dimensions specified by the Russian legislation.

This is the PP-2000 SMG with the stock folded. Imagine this gun with a longer barrel - that is what OTs-126 carbine will probably look like.

TsKIB SOO also develops a couple of new long range cartridges. One of them is designated as 11.7x88mm which is supposed to have ballistic performance similar to .408 CheyTac. They also develop another long range cartridge – 14.5x132mm for a new anti-materiel rifle. The caliber itself (14.5mm) is nothing new for the Russian military, but even if it has same case body dimensions as the 14.5x114mm cartridge, it should have better ballistic characteristic compared to the latter due to the longer case and larger case capacity. Since both cartridges are designed for extreme long range shooting, they will probably come with VLD (very low drag) projectiles.

We took a look at a bunch of new Russian guns, but the information concerning each of them is very scarce. We’ll keep following the development of these firearms and will keep our readers up to date.

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Hrachya H
Hrachya H

Managing Editor Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying the history and design of guns and ammunition. Should you need to contact him, feel free to shoot him a message at Hrachya@TheFirearmBlog.com

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    But the SVU did come with a suppressor as standard, the suppressor even has a muzzle brake.

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