Revic Optics (Formally) Introduces the PMR 428 Scope

    While shown at the IWA 2017 show earlier this year, Revic Optics has formally annoucned the launch of its inaugural optic – the PMR 428. The new scope is a 4.5-28×56 optic that “delivers everything any serious long-range shooter could need.” That’s a tall claim, but Revic backs this up with some details on their electronic optic:

    “The PMR 428 offers a sophisticated, but unbelievably simple way to compensate for ballisitics. Just dial the turret until the target distance is displayed, all the angles and environmental data are measured on the device and ballistic correction happens faster than you can dial the turret! As our premier product, it sets the tone for an exciting future!” says Aaron Davidson, CEO of Revic Optics

    In short, the optic has built-in displays and calculation that when combined with a ballistic application on one’s personal electronic device, is capable of extremely fast on-target shots. Once the user dials elevation on the optic, the Revic turns on the “virtual BDC” then takes into account ballistic data to do real-time calculations and automatically corrects for compass direction, temperature, pressure, and bonus – inclination. The windage correction even accounts for speed inputs, heading, and spin drift.

    The scope itself is feature-driven too so even if the optics do not work, the glass itself can get the job done. With a 56mm objective lens and 34mm main tube, the elevation is adjustable 80 MOA and windage is adjustable 50 MOA. Adjustment per revolution is 30 MOA.

    Pricing will be $2,750 offered only directly to the consumer. Revic states that by… “Going directly to the consumer, they eliminate the unnecessary layers and costs of “traditional” sales distribution channels, thus allowing them to invest more into their products.”

    All photos are courtesy of FinnAccuracy


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