Strike Industries WarHog Comp

    The folks over at Strike Industries have been putting in some serious overtime, it seems like they release a new product every week. That’s awesome though, it gives us something new to write about and share with our readers (keep em coming guys!). In the past few months there was the Megafin CA Compliant Grip, the Advanced Receiver Extension, the Viper PDW Stock, the Latchless Phantom Charging Handle, the Cold Hammer Forged Barrels, the J-COMP 2.0 for 7.62 Caliber AK Rifles, and the G4 Slidecomp For Gen 4 Glocks. There’s probably a few other ones I’m forgetting. I actually just got the G4 Slidecomp, I only have a few rounds through it but so far I like it.

    What does Strike Industries have for us this week? Well they just posted on their website their new WarHog Comp. It’s being billed as a no nonsense, high performance yet affordable muzzle brake. What we know about it so far is it’s a single chamber muzzle device that’s compact and light weight, although no official weight has been posted as of yet.

    It will be available in two different options, the WarHog V1 will have just a straight line recoil reduction for a neutral feel. The WarHog V2 will also release gasses upward for both a braking and compensator effect. The best part about the new WarHog Comp? It will retail at just $19.95. Check them out at for more info however they’re currently not available for sale.

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