NEW Ruger SP101 Match Champion Gets Some Custom Shop Treatment

    SP101 Match Champion

    Ruger is throwing another model into the custom-shop quality circle for their revolvers. The next in line is an SP101 Match Champion.

    Ruger released an ecstatic press statement providing a basic overview of the upgraded SP101 soon to be available to consumers.

    Ruger is proud to announce the Ruger SP101® Match Champion – a five-round revolver designed with the competitor in mind. This double-action revolver delivers fast, accurate shots and takes the popular Ruger SP101® to the next level. Chambered in .357 Magnum, but capable of firing .38 Special, the Ruger SP101® Match Champion has a full-lug, 4.2″ barrel with an 11° target crown for competition accuracy, a chamfered cylinder and custom Altamont hardwood grips with stippled and checkered sides. The fully adjustable rear sight combines with a fiber optic front sight to create a great sight picture for both plates and targets, and the polished trigger guard allows for smooth shooting all day long.

    SP101 Match ChampionSome of the upgraded features that you are going to be seeing on this variation of the SP101 Match Champion are:

    • Full-Lug 4.2″ Barrel delivers Lively Handling for Quick Transition between Targets & also features an 11° Target Crown for Competitive-Level Accuracy
    • Polished & Optimized Internals & Centering Shims on the Trigger & Hammer produce a Smooth Double-Action Trigger Pull & a Crisp & Consistent Let-Off
    • Takedown of Integrated Sub-Assemblies requires no Special Tools & allows for Easy Maintenance & Assembly
    • Patented Transfer Bar Mechanism provides an Unparalleled Measure of Security against Accidental Discharge
    • Patented Grip Frame easily accommodates a Variety of Custom Grips
    • Triple-Locking Cylinder is locked into the Frame at the Front, Rear & Bottom for more Positive Alignment & dependable Operation Shot after Shot
    • Custom Altamont Hardwood Grip w/ Stippled & Checkered Sides permits an Ideal Grip for any Shooting Environment
    • An Adjustable Rear Sight & Fiber Optic Front Sight allows for a Fast & Visible Sight Picture

    SP101 Match ChampionThese specs are nearly identical to the upgrades that you see on the GP100 Match Champion with an exception to the grip. The GP100 Match Champion has a Hogue brand wood grip that is very upright with stippling for dexterity. The custom Altamont grip on the SP101 is smaller, but more contouring to the shooter’s hand; better ergonomically.

    The MSRP of the SP101 Match Champion is $859. The most affordable variations of the SP101 retail for $719 while the GP100 Match Champion has an MSRP set at $969.

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