POTD: Suppressed Hi-Point Seized By LA Sheriff Deputies

    LA County Sheriff Deputies approached a man urinating in public at the Pasadena train station. He had a duffel bag with some weapons in it. In side he had an AR15 and a Hi-Point chambered in .40 S&W. We all know California has strict gun laws and they are super effective at punishing the law abiding. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s analyze what the suspect had.

    The pistol is what intrigues me the most. It is a Hi-Point but it has a home made suppressor on it. Who wants to bet he did not file a Form1 and doesn’t have a tax stamp for it? As far as I know, no threaded barrels exist for Hi-Point pistols. There may be a custom made one but I have not yet seen it. So how did this guy get a threaded barrel for his Hi-Point? I saw that Hi-Point makes comped versions of their pistols. Those have slightly longer barrels. So maybe he got ahold of one of those barrels and threaded it?

    The suppressors look like Maglite bodies with those gun show special threaded end caps so you can attach them to your barrel. Considering those end caps are threaded, I doubt this suspect engineered that suppressor with a proper Nielsen Device. So it begs the question, “Would this actually work?” The Hi-Point pistol would probably fire the first round but without a Niesen Device, it might not cycle the next round. However the Hi-Point is a simple blowback design and the barrel is fixed so it could work.

    Here are some more photos of what was seized.