JL Billet/Blitzkrieg Tactical Brass Knuckle Style VFG

    Looking for that extra ‘F You!” look for your AR15 rifle? Want the added utility of a vertical fore grip for better support hand placement? Do you want both at the same time? Well, look no further – JL Billet and Blitzkrieg Tactical are selling Brass Knuckle style VFG that will definitely be an eye catcher around your friends. And theoretically useful as an actual grip.

    As the disclaimer below warns, use of the ‘Forward Fist’ for anything other than support (i.e. Punching someone in the face) could result in criminal and civil jeopardy. Besides, you have a rifle attached to those knuckles, pal. You are going to look pretty silly trying to throw a punch it that condition. Details below.

    Brass Knuckle


    JL Billet Forward Fist, Brass Knuckle Style Vertical Grip:

    In stock and ready to ship

    • This grip is a really cool vertical grip for your rifle. It is designed to look like old style brass knuckles which give the grip a killer appearance and give you a talking piece when at the range.
    • It is comfortable and ergonomic, while allowing the shooter to maintain a firm, controlled and protected grip on their firearm while shooting.
    • At this time, they are only being offered in M-Lok but will soon be offered in key mod.
    • This product is made of aircraft grade billet aluminum.
    • Get them before we run out!


    • This product is intended to be used as a grip to control a rifle system. Any use other than what this product is designed for, could be illegal and punishable by law.
    • JL Billet, LLC and Blitzkrieg Tactical are not responsible for any damages due to improper use. Any use outside using this product as a control device is considered a mis-use resulting in the forfeiture of any and all express or implied warranties.
    • By purchasing this product you agree to hold JL Billet LLC and Blitzkrieg Tactical harmless for any misuse of the product, which results in damage to yourself or third parties.

    Regularly: $54.99
    Price: $49.99

    I understand that due to current market demand that my order may take 4-6 business days to ship.


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