Warning: Do NOT Mix Dummy & Live Shotgun Rounds

    While we hold firearms instructors to a higher standard, we often see that they too are people. As such, they are subject to the same potential negligent and accidental discharges as the rest of us – if not at a higher risk of it becauseĀ of the round counts they put through weapons. Lord knows I have seen an instructor have a negligent discharge.

    As such, when they make a mistake, it’s even more critical for the rest of us to pay attention. If by their knowledge and expertise, they are capable of negligent handling, we should pay special attention to the circumstances. The latest warning comes from our friends over at the LoadoutRoom.com

    In it, they posted a negligent shotgun discharge that nearly left a classroom and into a hall. In this case, the instructor thought he was using the well-known clear dummy rounds. Unbeknownst to the instructor, a similar cased live round was mixed into the dummy ammunition stockpile.

    Fortunately, the instructor was following the four safety rules (or was really lucky) and the birdshot discharged into a wall only, though was close to a doorway that may have had someone moving behind.

    Learn the lesson from the instructor: check your dummy ammunition and when practicing/demonstrating, always follow the four safety rules.


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