Let There be Light! Surefire Announces New Scout Weapon Lights

    Surefire, not content to let the cheap imitation knock-offs gobble up the tacticool market has announced a slew of new Scout weapon lights. The new Scouts focus on offering a variety of weapon-ready configurations, combining various weapon mounts, body lengths, and tape switches so that customers no longer have to purchase the various parts a-la-carte.

    The primary options available to the consumer include, but are not limited to:

    • 3v (Single Battery / Short / 300 Lumen) or 6v (Dual Battery / Long / 350 or 600 Lumen) Bodies
    • Standard DS07 Tape Switch mount or DS-SR07 dual switch assembly for lights and lasers.
    • RM45 Offset Mount or ADM Q/D Weapon Mounts

    All lights include a dual remote and push-button end-cap.

    All told there is seven new light, switch, and mount combinations, all of which are set up for picatinny rails. Those wanting to use direct M-LOK or KeyMod mounts are out of luck, but each mount will quickly attach to any picatinny rail adapter.

    Retail pricing for the lights of any DS07 configuration is set at $476.19 and the single DS-SR07 is set at $553.89. The new lights are available now direct from Surefire and are shipping out to their dealer network.

    I welcome this change from SureFire, as I personally have various end caps and accessories that came stock on lights I had to switch out.


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