Champion Shooter Matthew Burkett Falls Farther From Grace… Arrested for Meth

    We’ve been following the harrowing saga of former champion shooter Matthew Burkett for some time. As early as 2014 we covered the ongoing alleged fraud and earlier this year reported on the first arrest of Mr. Burkett on those same fraud charges. With the federal fraud case pending, it would seem that Mr. Burkett could not help himself and in three separate instances tested positive for the use of methamphetamine.

    According to the Phoenix New Times, the arrest was made after his temporary detention and arraignment on the fraud charges. Burkett told the New Times that the indictment is “factually incorrect”… and that, “he never stole his customers’ money.” He further admitted to the paper that “several customers” are “waiting for his company to deliver custom-built shotguns or .45-caliber pistols.”

    This will be difficult for him since a term of his release is that he is forbidden from possessing any guns or weapons. Then again, he was likewise forbidden from using illegal drugs…

    In light of the ban, Predator Tactical and Mr. Burkett has previously spoken to offering scope mounts costing around $130 to $140. At the time of this writing, the Predator Tactical website is offline and all traces of product offerings have mostly vanished from online sources.

    I think it’s possible that Mr. Burkett has hit rock bottom and decided it wasn’t deep enough.


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