POTD: Battle Brothers Trading Iraq Photos

    My friend Chase of Zenith introduced me to Charles, of Battle Brothers Trading, at the last NRA show. Charles has been going to Iraq with his business partner to help out ISOF and Pershmerga however they can. On occasion they fight bad guys.

    You may have come across Charles from the “Make Mosul Great Again” patches that he had made just outside of Mosul. There was an article on Solider Systems Daily about it.



    Well his friend took these gorgeous photos and Charles shared them with me. They are of people and guns that they have come across while volunteering their time and own money into helping the good guys.

    The top photo is of a G3 with Feroz z-51 Zeiss Electro Night Vision scope.

    H&K G36

    According to Charles, this is a General and yes, he has a G36 with a flashlight attached to his rhino NVG mount.

    Chinese M99B .50cal