Mansfield Two Dot Pistol Iron Sights

    Lee Williams of The Gun Writer got the exclusive on Michael Mansfield’s recently patented revolutionary pistol sight.

    Mansfield designed a new style of iron sights for handguns. It is still a traditional notch and post but it uses four half circles. Two on the front and two on the rear sight. When lined up, the half circles make a complete circle.

    Lee tried out a prototype that was made out of plastic and handpainted with fingernail polish.

    Lee saw immediate results when compared to a bone stock pistol.

    Mansfield said his sight system is based on the Vernier Principle.

    Mansfield called it the “Vernier Principle,” an idea he arrived upon after talking with his ophthalmologist.

    Sorry to get all sciencey, but the Vernier Principal uses “alignment of line segments displaced by a small amount to make fine measurements. Human eye can easily detect this alignment of lines which is the main fact that drives a vernier.

    Mansfield sights are still in the prototype stages. He is looking for a fabricator to machine them out of steel. His prototypes were for a Sig P226 and H&K VP9. However his first production sights will be made for Glock handguns.

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