Gerber G1 Series: Limited Edition, American Made

    Gerber G1-001

    Gerber announced the company was launching a new line of knives called the G1 series. With the G1 series, Gerber intends to showcase American craftsmanship.

    Each year, the company will introduce a new, limited edition knife in the G1 line. The knife for 2017 is the G1-001. This model was on display at the recent Blade Show that was held in Atlanta, Georgia. The inaugural introduction was a very limited run of only 20 knives.

    Gerber G1-001

    Each G1-001 knife took about 60 hours of production and assembly time. The bi-metal blade uses a Hitachi blue steel core with a 410 stainless steel sandwiched around it. According to Gerber this gives the knives something a single metal could not provide as well as the bi-metal design: a superior edge retention from the Hitachi steel and excellent corrosion resistance from the 410 stainless.

    Blade blanks were waterjet cut and then ground to the correct thickness. After the tang is machined, the blades are then heat treated. The blades have a plain edge with a spear point. The handle is made of titanium, and oil infused bronze washers help provide a smooth opening.

    Gerber stated that 100% of the sales from this very limited edition knife were being donated to the American Knife & Tool Institute (ATKI) to further its mission. ATKI is an advocacy organization that educates law makers and public safety officials about knives and promotes responsible ownership of knives by private citizens. A price on these was not announced. I suppose if you have to ask…

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