Zäck Stock – The Detachable Handgun Stock

    Are we being trolled? Can this “system” actually be in development? Look closely at the renderings above and below and you’ll notice what might be a start of a revolution within the firearms industry. And by that I mean that people may be revolted at what they see. Zäck Stock has gone live with a website displaying two designs depicting an AR15 with an handgun attached/embedded handgun in the stock.

    Engineering and designs aside, I have a question: Who asked for this? Why did they ask for it? And could  they be the enemy to all things good and true? Because the Zäck Stock appears to have taken two good weapons and created a pile of parts capable of shooting the user in the hands, face, gun and practically anywhere else imaginable.

    What’s wrong with a quality holster? What’s wrong with a solid butt stock for that matter? I’d say we should head on over to ZäckStock.com for an explaination, however there are currently no details about the Frankenstein-esque build. All that appears on their site is references to three Ohio based law firms who apparently handle “licensing” of the design. Obviously, anticipation of brisk business has required the need for three legal teams.

    I’m honestly looking forward to this release. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at my collapsible Stock and whispered to myself “I wish you were a handgun”.

    Personally, I would have named it the Gunstälk.

    Disclaimer: My reaction is based solely on the mock ups pictured here. The actual designs and resulting products may be worthy of a full and detailed review.



    Zäck Stock:

    Zäck Stock



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