1,000+ Phillips Screws… Add a Little Automotive Paint… You Get Revolver Art!

    If you have a ton of Phillips screws laying around and a lot of free time, we got a challenge for you! Try and replicate a piece of art like this. The artist, Andrew Myers, used simple Phillips screws with oil paint on them, automotive paint for the background, and a white metal frame. What you end up with is a pretty unique piece of art that is 6′ x 4′ in size.

    Revolver Art

    The art piece that Andrew Myers created is called “Love Wins.”

    Revolver Art

    You can interpret the art however you may, but the artist made it a point to state:

    Love Wins is not ‘anti gun’ commentary but an ‘anti evil’ one.

    The TFB mantra is “Firearms Not Politics” so we will leave it at that.

    Revolver Art

    Although it appears to be a simple flat image of art, many of the Phillips screws are varying heights to create more depth and a 3-D look.

    Revolver Art

    This original piece of art has already been sold on Andrew Myers’ website showcasing other art work he has (this is his only firearms related piece). You can purchase metal prints of this specific piece and those are not the cheapest even though they are reproductions. The metal prints (20″ x 30″ or 40″ x 60″) go for $2,250 each.

    If that is what a metal print reproduction goes for, I cannot imagine what the original sold for… Four Colt Pythons?… One or two Barret M107A1s?…. I always think of money in terms of what gun can I add to my collection.

    Very unique art to say the least. If you have a couple thousand Phillips screws laying around, you might have something more valuable than you think. If you can get creative like this guy, and maybe make a Glock or an AR-15…

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