Maglula Released Loading Tool for CZ Scorpion EVO-3


    A lot of people like to use loading tools to help them push all of those rounds into their magazines. For higher capacity magazines, this can be a real life thumb saver. One of the dominant names in the magazine loading business is Maglula.

    Maglula captured the hearts of many a shooter with its line of loading tools. The latest introduction from Maglula will help CZ Scorpion EVO-3 shooters. Maglula calls the new Lula a “speed loader and unloader” which should be an ample description of the two things it was developed to do.

    The new Lula works with both version one and version two Scorpion magazines. It can be used to quickly free loaded rounds from their box magazine master as well as force more of the cartridges into the translucent terror tunnel.

    I’ve never felt the urge to buy or use a magazine loading tool like these, but the guys who run my local range swear by them. They load many more magazines everyday than I do in a month (or longer.) I supposed if I was loading a lot of mags everyday, I would be inclined to try out anything that promised to make my life a bit easier.

    These carry a suggested retail price of $31.95. I know that MidwayUSA has them in stock for a bit cheaper.

    Richard Johnson

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