Gunwerks HAMR: 2+ Mile 375 Cheytac System

    Gunwerks HAMR

    Long range shooting has always been a popular test of skill. In recent years, the sport of extreme long range shooting has grown, though it is largely hampered by a dearth of acceptable shooting locations and a cost of entry barrier. The new gun system from Gunwerks may test your ability to find both a long enough range and enough spare change in the couch.

    Gunwerks HAMR

    The Gunwerks HAMR system is a bolt action rifle in a performance chassis with a matching scope and bipod. It is chambered for the 375 Cheytac cartridge. Out of the box, the company claims 2000 yard shots are immediately possible, and states that the capable range of this system is in excess of two miles.

    The video below shows a couple of shooters putting rounds down range with the gun:

    The gun uses a heavy fluted 29″ barrel. At the end of the barrel is a ported three chamber brake to help tame the effects of recoil. On top, the company includes a Nightforce ATACR 7-35x 56 F1 scope. Gunwerks includes a custom laser engraved turret.

    The gun is not for everyone, and the pricing is likely to keep it in the hands of just a few. The suggested retail price is $12,500 as configured. The company states these are limited to a single run with no plans to do a second.

    Gunwerks HAMR

    • Cadex Defense folding chassis in flat dark earth
    • 29″ barrel made of 416 stainless steel; 1:8″ twist
    • Nightforce ATACR F1 7-35×56 scope
    • Elite Iron bipod
    • overall weight: 20.6 pounds
    • overall length: 53″
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