Gen. G.S. Patton Reproduction Revolver


    Few generals in the United States military have generated as much conversation as General George S. Patton. In many ways, the tough as nails commander was larger than life. Because of this, some of the things associated with him and his leadership have become iconic to casual observers and historians alike. General Patton’s firearms have been much discussed by shooters as has the comment he is said to have made about pearl handled revolvers.

    Cimarron Firearms announced the company was making a reproduction of one of the revolvers owned by Old Blood and Guts. The new gun is not an exact reproduction. For example, the gun is fitted with imitation ivory grips instead of stocks made of true ivory. However, the grips are engraved with GSP (the General’s initials.)

    Cimarron uses laser engraving to reproduce the pattern that was on the original firearm. The guns are based on the company’s pre-war Frontier frame. They have a nickel plated finish. The guns are chambered for the .45 Colt cartridge and have a 5.5″ barrel.

    I’m not an expert on General Patton’s handguns, but it would seem to me that this is a good gun for shooting. I suspect that the General shot his, and would expect you to shoot yours. After all, what good is a weapon when the man or woman owning it can’t effectively wield it?

    Cimarron set the MSRP at $765.70.

    Richard Johnson

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