Chinese Full-Size Tank Model made of Cartridge Cases

    A group of Chinese military armament enthusiast made a full-size (1:1 scale) Chinese Type 99 tank model using cartridge cases of different sizes and types. They used almost 50,000 cases (48,356 to be precise) and made this fascinating replica. Once the job was done, they weighed the final model and it turned out to weigh 6.5 tons! The builders gifted this “shell-tank” to a┬ámuseum┬álocated in Shenyang City, China.

    Looks like they used all common military caliber cases – from small arms ones all the way to artillery shell cases and everything in-between.
    The cases are cut and otherwise modified depending on the area they are used in to make the “tank”. Pretty impressive attention to details and lines. This must have been quite a time consuming and labor intensive process to build it.
    The funny picture below probably shows the transportation process of this model tank.
    Making models of Type 99 tanks seems to be a popular hobby in China. A year ago, a Chinese man made a replica of that tank from all kind of metal pieces he found in a junkyard. The result was a 20-ton replica exactly identical in dimensions with the original vehicle. By the way, it was also capable of moving at about 10 mph powered by a 2-liter diesel engine.
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