New Kahr 9mm “S-Series” Pistols

    Announced at the NRA show earlier this year, Kahr Arms of Greeley, Pennsylvania is shipping their “S-Series” of 9mm handguns. The new series of handguns features a variety of welcome updates to Kahr’s reputable line of handguns. In fact, our own James Reeves has proclaimed the Kahr CM9 his “favorite 9mm ccw pistol.”

    The S-Series, as Kahr calls is, features a few updates over the CM series (which I am sure James will enjoy). Most notably, the slide now features both forward and rear cocking serrations. Additional expanded features include white 3 dot sights, accessory rail, and an ID tag on the grip. Not easily seen include a redesigned magazine base and grip, the inclusion of two magazines, and perhaps most important of all, a limited lifetime warranty.

    The S-Series is starting with the hot single-stack 9 market, releasing two models. The S9093 features a 3.6″ barrel with 7+1 capacity (or about Glock 26 sized, just slimmer albeit longer grip). The Larger ST9093 is a 4″ barrel model with longer 8+1 capacity (ie Glock 19 sized). Both handguns feature DAO striker-fire mechanisms and function using a standard Browning tilting block action. Like other modern designs, the frame is polymer and the slide stainless steel.

    MSRP for the two handguns is set at $477 for the smaller S9093 and $456 for larger ST9093. The models are both two-tone, featuring black frames and non-coated stainless slides.


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