The CZ-P07 Goes Through the “Gauntlet” – The Inverted Rail Succeeds

    Normally, one should look at the various torture “tests” as largely entertaining affairs. Conducted by various content creators, the “tests” rarely have real-world validity due to the often incredible conditions that leave one incredulous. Noted examples have pressed debris into the action and then left it through through various subsequent outlandish procedures.

    In stark contrast to that assertion stands Tim over at Military Arms Channel, which has created the home-grown “Gauntlet” testing, which takes a handgun through the basic environmental conditions it may be reasonably expected to undergo during operations. While the test itself may not be completely relevant to the real-world, Tim’s efforts are laudable as he has put multiple weapons through the exact same test under the exact same conditions. Therefore, the test may not be completely┬árelevant to the real-world, but they are relevant to each other.

    Latest to go through the testing is the CZ-P07 a modern centerfire polymer-framed, Browning tilting-block short-recoil, DA/SA handgun. Various striker fired handguns have been largely reliable, but hammer-fired options have had some difficulty with debris getting into the hammer gap – notably the Beretta 92.

    But, the CZ largely breaks that trend with the hammer proving generally reliable and the hammer indeed may have proved its mettle if MAC had tried a second-strike which double-action hammer fired handguns are capable of.


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