Grappling Hooks To Lawn Darts – X Products .308 Multi Use Launcher

    How do you take an already awesomely fun product and make it better? By supercharging it with .308, of course. X Products has just announced a battle rifle caliber version of their Can Cannon – a blank firing upper receiver that can launch soda cans, t-shirts and more. Why, you ask? Because life is too short to not have a bit of pure fun. The Multi Use Launcher or M.U.L. retails at $499 and is compatible with any .308 patterned AR lower.


    Multi Use Launcher



    X Products .308 Multi Use Launcher

    The long awaited .308 Multi Use Launcher (M.U.L.) finally available in limited quantities. This launcher uses our proprietary .308 blanks and our pantent can cannon design to push heavier objects further than our standard 5.56 can cannon. Designed for use with heavy walled objects as well as the X Products Grappling Hook the Multi Use Launcher, or M.U.L., gives you the ability to heavier objects at a much faster muzzle velocity and further than its smaller counter part. Designed using an Aero M5 upper deciever it should mount to any standard DPMS pattern lower, just drop it into your lower install your BCG and charging handle and you are good to go.

    We are currently designing the following accessories for this product:

    • Grappling Hook (For Sale Now!)
    • Net Launcher (In Sketch)
    • Dog Training Toys For Duck Hunting and Retrieval
    • T Shirt Launching
    • Lawn Darts
    • Harpoon

    Harpoon WARNING: Use only X Products Provided .308 blanks, other manufacturers blanks will not fit or function with this design. Do not point at people or personal property


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