Gemtech Breaks Ground On New World Headquarters

    Gemtech is moving. Not far, mind you, but in three months the historic silencer company will expand into a brand new headquarters in Meridian, Idaho. The new facility will feature upgraded manufacturing and research and design facilities that will aid in product development.

    If the silencer market is stagnant at the moment, don’t look to Gemtech for proof. In the last year they have released the Integra, Aurora II, Trek II and the QDA-22, a four lug rimfire attachment system (TFB review in process). Let’s see what the new facilities will bring us in the next 12 months.










    GEMTECH—The Professional’s Choice For Decades. Gemini Technologies, known as Gemtech, began as a super group of already leading silencer designers with roots in the silencer business going back to 1976. With decades of experience, innovation, quality, honest business ethics and a customer first attitude, Gemtech has grown to the world’s leading silencer company.

    Mixing this old-school experience with modern CNC machines, honest business ethics, and a customer-first attitude, GEMTECH has grown year after year, proving itself over time while other companies with their “lifetime guarantees” came and went. We do our job quietly and do it well: Designing, testing, manufacturing, servicing, and selling best quality silencers and accessories available.

    GEMTECH is in duty use around the world with many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines of the United States military, Intelligence Community, Federal Law Enforcement, state and local peace officers, wildlife and agricultural agencies, friendly foreign military and police, and providing excellent service with tens of thousands of civilian shooters. We serve each part of our diverse client base to the best of our ability, and every day we come to work to serve people just like you.

    GEMTECH headquarters


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