Walther WA2000 WA Bullpup Sniper Up For Auction, $75k Starting Bid

    Someone is selling a Walther WA2000. Starting bid is $75,000 USD. If you win, you have your choice of .308 or .300 Win Mag. He has both. He claims there were only 15 brought into the US.

    ULTRA RARE, THE RAREST OF THE RARE, THE HOLY GRAIL FOR ANY FIREARM COLLECTOR … This auction is for one (1) unfired, as issued in its original serialized (matching) aluminum case, CARL WALTHER GmbH SPORTWAFFEN WA 2000 Bullpup Sniper Rifle in .308 WIN (7.62 x 51 mm NATO). This is a legendary, if not mythical, rifle, so rarely seen much less available for purchase. Designed in the 1970s through the early 1980s in response to the 1972 Olympic Munich Games massacre, only 176 were ever built between 1982-1988, and out of those only 15 made it into the United States (yes, only 15). The rifle was issued in either 300 WIN MAG (the primary caliber for this rifle because of the long-range accuracy and consistency of the round in this unique Bullpup platform) or .308 WIN (7.62 x 51 mm NATO). There was a third caliber option available (7.5 x 55 mm SWISS); however, this was only through purchase of the barrel which would be swapped out, as no complete rifle was manufactured in this caliber. To find an unfired WA 2000, as issued by Carl Walther GmbH with its original scope (Schmidt & Bender 2.5–10x), original sling and its original 6-round detachable box magazine, all in its original serial number-matched aluminum case with the factory-issued paperwork, is a once-in-a-lifetime to opportunity to acquire one of the rarest and most unique modern-day firearms ever made. But, it gets even better … the winner of this auction actually has his/her choice of purchasing a Walther WA 2000 in either .308 WIN (as detailed above) or in 300 Winchester Magnum!! As shown in the photos, I have both variants of this incredibly rare rifle, representing 2 of only 15 that are in this country — most of which are, and will remain, in private collections. The WA 2000 in 300 WIN MAG also comes with its original Schmidt & Bender 2.5–10x scope, two (2) original 6-round detachable box magazines (nearly impossible to find a spare magazine for this rifle), original sling and original bipod (attached to the rifle — note that the bipod was a factory accessory that was not issued with the rifle in its standard configuration but could be added at an extra cost, which is the case with this rifle), all in its original serial number-matched aluminum case. This rifle may have been fired, although if so very, very sparingly. Could this get any better? You might think not, but it does. I also have what is arguably the rarest accessory of all for this rifle … an original Carl Zeiss ORION 80 night vision scope, as issued in its original protective case that would have been paired with this rifle. This scope is not included in the final auction price, but may be made available at an additional cost to anyone who completes the purchase of one of these rifles. IMPORTANT: the final auction selling price is for one (1) of either of the two Walther WA 2000 rifles, as described above — NOT both rifles. I would consider selling both rifles as a set (double the final sale price of one rifle), and would include the original ORION 80 scope in its case for an additional $12,500.00 with this set. I am a private seller (a very reputable collector; see my feedback as I have been an A+ member of GunBroker for close to 7 years), so please make sure your receiving dealer will accept transfer of one or both of these rifles with a copy of my state-issued driver’s license. If transfer through an FFL-holder on my end is required, the additional cost for this will be the responsibility of the buyer. All shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer, and all transfers must be through a dealer with a current FFL in the buyer’s home state. It is the buyer’s responsibility to be sure that this firearm and/or its accessories are legal to own in his/her state of residence. PLEASE only serious inquiries only, and I will not consider low-ball offers on these rare firearms. Any such offers, or other correspondence not directed at a serious interest in acquiring one or both of these rifles, will be ignored. The rifle(s) will not leave my possession until all funds for purchase have cleared (I will accept payment by cash, wire transfer or a bank-issued cashiers check only). If you have any questions or require more photos, please use the GunBroker contact link in the auction to contact me. If you reside in the great state of New Hampshire, please feel free to reach out to me by text at 603-560-2948. Thank you for your interest in this auction, and best of luck to the winning bidder! You will not see anything like this again for a long time, if ever at all. NOTE that these rifles are also for sale locally and I reserve the right to end this auction early if the minimum starting bid of $75,000.00 has not been made.


    For those with money to burn, you can check out the Gunbroker auction here.

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