The People Have SPOKEN: Savage Arms Modifies Their MSR-15 Patrol

    MSR-15 Patrol

    It was just 6 months ago that Savage Arms began hyping up a new, unannounced firearm leading up to SHOT Show. We quickly learned it was their first attempt at producing an AR-15 type rifle. With now 4 different models in their arsenal in 3 different popular calibers they have a substantial line-up for black gun enthusiasts.

    MSR-15 Patrol

    Savage Arms MSR-15 Patrol – Forward Assist Button Insert

    One gripe that buyers of these new rifles had with Savage misleading forward assist in their MSR-15 Patrol rifle. The upper receiver was machined out to feature a forward assist button, but in its place was a plastic cap. Now some of you may argue in the comments that the weekend range warrior does not need a forward assist. I might even agree with you, but the lines between need and want are always blurry. The fact that Savage Arms machined out the upper receiver to accept a forward assist, but then went out of their way to put in a plastic cap is just one of those “C’mon man!” type of moments.

    Well, it appears the complaints of consumers did not fall on deaf ears. All Savage Arms MSR-15 Patrol rifles now have a functioning forward assist button installed from the factory.

    MSR-15 Patrol

    Before/After – Mock Forward Assist/Real Forward Assist

    If you have an earlier model, it is a simple exchange of parts and a cheap parts kit can be found on many gun websites like Cheaper than Dirt or Brownells. With a simple punch and about 5 minutes of your time, you can add in a forward assist button to your MSR-15 Patrol or any AR-15 you own that is missing its forward assist button.

    What all of the TFB readers need to do now is complain to Savage Arms that their MSR-15 Patrol should come with a FREE Vortex or Leupold optic at that same MSRP of $868.

    Who knows… we might get lucky…

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