Update: Ideal Conceal Pistol

    Earlier, we published articles telling about the announcement and developments around the Ideal Conceal Pistol. In this post, we’ll take a look at some updates concerning this handgun.

    So it is basically a derringer chambered in .380 ACP which has a folding grip making it look like a smartphone, thus ideally concealing it. Recently the company published some information showing the real version of the handgun and explaining its mechanism. The video below is actually made for their crowdfunding campaign, but it sheds some light on the details of this pistol.

    At the very beginning of this project, the company had only shown the computer made images and a plastic model of the pistol. Earlier this year they published a video of the firing prototype.

    Later, they released a video explaining how some of the parts of this gun work and interact. Particularly, they show their new gear system on the hammer which allows the hammer to alternatingly strike the two firing pins.

    And a short video showing that gear mechanism:

    Reportedly, the company will start the production late summer 2017. In an interview given to NRA TV, the owner of the company Kirk Kjellberg said that the MSRP will be under $500.

    This is one of the most controversial guns right from the beginning. Some people praise the idea, others see dangers in it because it doesn’t look like a gun. To me, there is nothing wrong with its concealability. Whether to use it or not is a matter of personal preference. If you consider a derringer to be a proper defensive tool, then why not to have it more concealable? Also, it pretty much solves the printing issue.

    Hrachya H

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