SureFire Releases MasterFire Universal Holster for Weaponlight Equipped Handguns

    SureFire seems sure on expanding their product offerings. From their origins with well-respected flashlights, the company has been slowly expanding across the tactical market. With SOCOM issued suppressors, utterly fantastic hearing protection, and high-capacity magazines, it would seem that the company is intent on expanding widely – not just within any particular segment.

    Their latest release is the MasterFire holster system compatible with all their H-series of weaponlights. Where most holsters rely on clamping on the handgun, the MasterFire system interfaces directly with the weaponlight only. At first, one may be reluctant to interface with an accessory, but assuming a solid mount, the holster is then weapon-independent. So long as all your weapons use compatible lights, the shooter has one holster for them all.

    The holster retains the weapon and light via level 3 systems, requiring the shooter to break the holster/weapon interface during the draw stroke. Additional features include the ability to automatically engage weaponlights during the draw stroke¬†and compatibility up to 2.5″ duty belts.

    By the nature of the open design, the holster is compatible with most suppressors and red dot sights.

    Retail is pegged at $165.39. For additional details, check out SureFire’s website here.¬†




    • Positions holster at optimized angle for a fast, consistent draw stroke
    • Provides Level 3 retention, securing firearm with primary and secondary locking systems
    • Indexes off of H-Series WeaponLights (XH15, X300UH, X400UH), not the weapon, so it accommodates a wide range of handguns
    • Can be set to automatically activate the WeaponLight and/or laser, saving valuable time in high-stress situations
    • Open design accommodates red-dot optics and even a suppressor, including SF Ryder Series suppressors
    • Constructed of durable, lightweight polymer
    • Customizable for personal preferences and adjustable to fit most any duty belt

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