Alliant Sport Pistol is a NEW Choice for Handgun Reloaders

    Sport Pistol

    When it comes to handgun shooting, there is traditionally a steeper learning curve and more range time involved to be accurate. If you also happen to be a reloader, then it is not your shooting ability that is stopping you from blowing out the center bullseye… its the powder your buddy recommended! It cannot be your fault, right?

    Reloaders are always in pursuit of theĀ perfect powder for every firearm they own. The pursuit is never-ending and we are always willing to experiment with new ones. Alliant has a new powder for pistol shooters to start doing dabbling in called “Sport Pistol.”

    Some of the touted benefits of this new powder are as follows:

    • Clean-burning formulation
    • Versatile ballistics
    • Great temperature stability
    • Excellent charging and case fill
    • Low muzzle flash
    • Optimized for polymer-coated bullets
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    Like many powders on the market, you can buy this in 1 Lbs. (MSRP – $27.25), 4 Lbs. (MSRP – $99.70) or 8 Lbs. (MSRP – $184.75) bottles. Data is already available for this new powder on Alliant’s website, but their reloading guide has much to be desired.

    The press release statement given by Alliant Powder of Vista Outdoor expands on the qualities of Sport Pistol:

    Sport Pistol provides extremely reliable cycling, excellent charging and case fill, and ballistics that lend themselves to a range of popular loads. Sport Pistol also delivers precise performance with all bullet types, but the low-muzzle-flash formulation was optimized for polymer-coated bullets. Other double-base powders can dissolve the polymer coatings at the bullet base, exposing the lead to vaporization due to the intense heat during the ballistic cycle. The medium-fast burning Sport Pistol is also very temperature stable, so there is little velocity deviation to worry about at seasonal competitions.

    So if you are anything like me, you will probably give this powder a “shot” at some point in time. Whether it outperforms such industry favorites like Alliant’s Power Pistol, Hodgdon’s Titegroup, or Winchester’s AutoComp we will soon find out.

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