Wiley X adds WX Nash to 2017 line

    Wiley X has recently added a new set of eye protection to the company’s 2017 line up. The WX Nash set comes in a number of variants to pick from, with different frame set ups including a bluish tint, and then a grayish one as featured in the press release. The release mentions that the company is really working on polarity, with numerous new features designed to cut back on glare. This looks like it would really help out fishermen or people who routinely work on the water, but it probably couldn’t hurt in other professions that spend time outdoors and in sunny environments.

    From the press release-

    Two of the new WX Nash models offer Wiley X’s advanced 8-layer polarization, for superior glare-cutting performance that helps anglers “read” the water and catch more fish.  WX Nash #ACNAS09 pairs a Matte Black frame with Polarized Blue Mirror (Green tinted) lenses for excellent visibility and visual contrast, especially in overcast conditions.  WX Nash #ACNAS08 also features a Matte Black frame but is fitted with Polarized Smoke Grey lenses that perform well over a wide range of light conditions.  Both of these polarized models are a great choice not just for fishing, but when kayaking, sailing, driving, cycling, or anytime you’re in a harshly lit, highly reflective environment.   

    There is also a new Black Ops edition WX Nash (Model #ACNAS01) for those that want all-around visual performance and stealthy good looks with Wiley X’s advanced protection.  This WX Nash pairs an understated Matte Black frame with versatile Smoke Grey tinted lenses. 

    Like almost all Wiley X sunglass styles, the new WX Nash is Rx-Ready using Wiley X’s exclusive DIGIFORCE™ digital Rx lens technology.  This technology ensures superior prescription accuracy and unparalleled visual clarity over the widest possible field of vision, making Wiley X shades a great choice for active men and women who need prescription lenses.

    The company has traditionally been seen as a direct competitor to Oakley. Although Wiley X is usually lower in price range and perhaps caters more to a Military/LE market, Oakley appears to be more widespread when it comes to athletics outside of the shooting sports, competing with numerous other sports companies in this regard. Aside from the warranties and style points, both companies make extensive usage of the same ANSI Z87.1 standard for impact measurement against the lens. When it comes to our Military/LE or shooting sports readers, this is really the biggest point to be made about both companies operationally effectively speaking. As long as both have that standard, choosing between the two really just comes down to whatever style and fit works best.


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